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 Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)

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Nooblit Soul

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Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) Empty
PostSubject: Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)   Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) EmptyTue Jan 13, 2009 5:17 am

Hey guys,

Just like to first introduce myself...

My name is Calso A.K.A BraveheartKiwi and I am 25 years old from New Zealand (Land Of The Long White Cloud, Aotearoa!) also known as Middle Earth to most of you guys! <3

I am a huge gaming fan, old and new. Favourite games are Left 4 Dead, Gran Turismo (any of them), Unreal Tournament 3, Half-Life 2, Portal, World Of Warcraft, Track Mania and lots more... Too many to name. Even old games. Very Happy

Also looking forward to Diablo 3 when it finally gets released! w00t w00t!

I love movies also (who doesn't)... Death Race (new version), Braveheart, Dances With Wolves, Gone In Sixty Seconds (old and new versions), Fast And The Furious (all), Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Mad Max Trilogy, Waterworld, The War (Kevin Coster and Elijah Wood), The Art Of War, Ronin, Within The Rock, Wanted, The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock), Back To The Future, ANY movie with Zombies in it too. Very Happy

Love music... Right now my favourite song is I'll Follow You Into The Dark by Deathcab For Cutie.

When I am not watching movies, playing computer games or anything like that I am usually outside taking photos... Trying to get advance my photography skillz! At the moment I own a Canon EOS 350D SLR 8MP and lovin it. Still don't know how to use everything on it yet but having fun taking photos and seeing how they turn out... If you want to see some of my work, you can check out my youtube for some slideshows (click the banner) or check my bebo

I am a very happy person most of the time, nothing really gets me down. Life is too short to be sad, even tho I am alone most of the time (Yes, I do get loney. Who doesn't), I am happy.

Well, I think that is enough for now! I hope to see ya all on the forums and having a good time. Smile

See yas on the flip side!

Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) SpandexChicken

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Helpful Soul

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Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)   Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) EmptyTue Jan 13, 2009 5:48 am

hey. nice to see you, greetings from the otherside of the world
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Elite Soul

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Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)   Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 5:15 am

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Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)   Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi) Empty

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Hello from New Zealand! (Braveheartkiwi)
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